Looking for a Cloud Linux VPS on SSD or NVMe?

We will give you 5 good reasons why you would buy from us

1. It's fast and easy to use

You just need the VPS package that matches your needs, order it and your system is ready to go in no time! You can focus on your business or project goals and leave the performance, security and technical aspects on us. You can always get extra processional support service for your VPS package.

2. We're flexible... so why lease an expensive physical server for a minimum 12 month contract

You can always upgrade or downgrade your VPS package if your business goals change to provide the exactly right performance for your needs without paying top dollar on big expensive leased physical servers. The Cloud Infrastructure will provide you with best and flexible solutions for protecting your business and you can always snapshot or fully backup your VPS server whereas a physical server outage can be quite troubling.

3. You can get a Virtual Private Cloud Network and build an Intranet Network

You do not need to buy expensive VPS cloud services from the Internet to get a dedicated virtual network between your VPSes to exchange critical traffic or create DMZ separation. And you can either choose from 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps speeds!

4. We can help you LINK your VPS with your Office location through VPN

We offer you the ability to link your VPS package Virtual Private Cloud Network to your own Office or Branch Office locations with the use of a persistent VPN connection, so your sensitive traffic will always be protected. We also provide included assistance on setting your connection up.

5. You can cancel any time you want

If you feel like our service is not made for you, you can always cancel your VPS package at any point in time without any hidden fees. You can also get your VPS package money back in 30 days after initial purchase.

Still having questions or are you looking for something special? Get in touch with us or check the below pages for package details.

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